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System Installation, Excellence, And The Process Of HOT DIP Galvanizing FENCE BRC.

The fence is a fence BRC ready plug made of iron material U-50 are very practical and look interesting. Sheet fence was formed first, then dilapisi galbani by way of hot dip (dipping hot 468 ºc) or electroplating, so assured of resilience against the danger of corrosion/rust. You don't need to take care as well as painting for long periods of time because of the superior quality of galbaninya.

Advantage Fence BRC:
• Safe because it serves as a Pa
Gar delimiter
• Flexible because it is easily relocated to other places.
• Rust resistant because it is free of maintenance.
• Economical, because the installation process a lot cheaper.
• Practical. because pemasanganya is easy.

The most important treatment of constraint of the element iron is the occurrence of corrosion where the corrosion was a factor that is natural because the influence of the lingkuGan mainly against the climate, temperature, humidity and so forth.

Masimal to prevent the occurrence of corrosion which can cause any harm done is the process technology of Hot Dip Galvanizing. I.e. a machining process of iron material protection has cleared in electrochemistry by means of dipping ingredients of iron into a container or in the form of a hot furnace which containsliquid Zinc/Seng.

Liquid zinc which has color to grey abuan will provide good protection, durable and highly effective against the occurrence of rust. That is because the immersion liquid zinc causes a very strong bond chemically on the surface of the iron. At the beginning of kegunaanya the process of galvanizing the primary function is to control the occurrence of rust on iron and bAJA, one of his is a process of HOT DIP Galvanizing in Fence BRC, which is commercially proven as a method of protecting iron or steel against rust in many applications in the use of iron or steel.

There are 2 Methods in protecting Iron or steel in terms of the occurrence of Corrosion or Rust, namely:

1. Method of Hot DIP Galvaniz, i.e. more rough Surface.

2. Method of Electro And Pleating, i.e. the surface smoother.

Galvanized iron plating is the process of using a liquid lead. This process is often divided into two, namely electrogalvanis and hot dip galvanized ...
Process the process of HOT DIP Galvanizing:

1. The process of removing and memberishkan oil or organic material.
2. The process of removing the chemical from liquid degreasing.
3. The process of removing rust on surface of steel or iron.
4. The process avoid the oxidation of the surface before the process of dyeing.
5. The process of Drying the surface before it is put in the tubzinc.
6. The process of Immersion into liquid zinc (Zn) heat on temperature 450 ° C – 450 ° C.

7. Cooling process on the surface of the zinc layer.

Product specifications: BRC Fence

A2, Hor. 6 mm, Ver. 6 mm.

Fence Type 120 BRC A2, Hor. 6 mm, Ver. 6 mm.

BRC Type fence 150 A2, Hor. 6 mm, Ver. 6 mm.

Fence BRC Type 175 A3, Hor. 7 mm, ver. 7 mm.

BRC Type fence 190 A3, Hor. 7 mm, ver. 7 mm.

BRC Type fence 190 A4, Hor. 8 mm, ver. 7 mm.

BRC Type fence 120 A4 8 mm., Hor, Ver. 8 mm.

style = "font-size: 26px;" >Fence Installation System BRC. as follows:

1. Standard Hotdip

2. Fence BRC special form.

BRC already Finishing layer of Polyester.

4. Installation with a Double.

5. The installation is another Alternative.

6. The installation of a Fence to BRCSecurity System.

Fence Installation Scheme Of BRC.





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