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Galvalum Roof
Galvalum Roof
Galvalum Roof
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Zincalume roof - Galvalume
Zincalume roof
Roof of Galvalume
ATAP KLIPLOK LYSAGHTZincalume Roofs and Cheap Galvalume Roofs of various Brands and Sizes with a Good Price Offer and service delivery in all regions of Indonesia.Atap Kliplok, Spandek Roof, Roof Trimdek, CD925 Roof, KR Roof 5, Tiger Roof, Roof Trimlock, Ecotrim Roof, Ecospan Roof, Union Deck 680 Roof, ADH 5000 Roof, Alka Roof, Econoroof Roof.ZINCALUM-GALVALUME ROOFRoof Zincalum is a steel material with coating containing aluminum and zinc elements, consisting of: 55% of the coating elements are aluminum, 43.5% are zinc / zinc and 1.5% silicon.
The nature of rust-resistant aluminum combined with hard zinc makes the combination of both materials more rust resistant, stronger and lighter than Galvanized. Even some references state that the Roof or Light Steel Frame Galvalume Zincalume has rust / corrosion resistance reaching 4 times compared to Galvanized plated steel.

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