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Onduvilla Roof
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Onduvilla roof,Bitumen Roof Products are currently often used by Customers who have the desire to use Durable Roofs such as resistant seasonal changes in Indonesia, both dry and rainy seasons. Bitumen has two choices of types that are already well known in Indonesia, namely Onduline Bitumen Roof and Bitumen Roof Onduvilla. Customer choice for this roof is because it can reduce the noise of rain and heat resistance during dry season. In addition, the choice of color is also the attraction of the customer to use the Bitumen Roof.
onduvilla roofs for Project needs with a good price offer and can serve shipping throughout Indonesia. is a lightweight roof material and has the same roof texture as onduline roof. Made from cellulose fiber, bitumen and resin which are resistant to pressure and heat. The composition of the Onduvilla Roof is identical to the onduline roof which is made of high technology and meets the European Norm standards EN 534. Therefore, the onduvilla roof is resistant to water and protects from weather conditions with high temperatures or even extreme weather conditions.

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