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Fumira Roof
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Roof Fumira BL 600Zincalume roofRoof of GalvalumeRoof Fumira BL 600-Roof FUMIRA BL 600 Effective width = 600 mm (3 Waves) - Zincalume Roof - Wave Roof Fumira-Atap Galvalume, We CV. Build Seven Light Serving the sale of Wave Roofs - Roof Fumira Type BL 600 with Good Price Offer and Shipping throughout Indonesia. Wave Site - Roof of Fumira BL 600 - Zincalume Roof - Galvalume Roof for Roofing Needs that have a High Technology Process so as not to easily change color and have resistance Roof to changes in temperature and weather. Waves - Roof Fumira BL 600– Zincalume Roof - Galvalume Roof is a mixture of Aluminum and Zincalume with a ratio of Materials namely 55% Aluminum, 43.5% Zinc and 1.5% Silicon which causes the metal to be easily formed, high strength, long life and suitable for various applications of roofing needs. We Offer a Good Price for Project Requirements for Construction of Plants, Warehousing, Offices, Soccer Fields, Airports etc.YOU NEED A SUPLIER SERVICE SERVICE CV. BUILD SEVEN LIGHT? CALL US RIGHT NOWEmail:

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