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Razor Wire

Razor wire or razor wire (RAZOR WIRE) is a very good and effective protection. This razor wire is made of galvanized wire and plate which has excellent anti-rust power. This Razor Wire has almost the same function as Razor Wire, it's just more for high level security.

Razor wire has the following types:

• BTO 22 | Double | 8-9 Meters Length
• BTO 30 | Double | 8-9 Meters Length
• CBT 65 | Double | 8-9 Meters Length
• CBT 65 | Single | 14-15 Meters Length

The uses of this razor wire are:

1. Security in Prison,
2. Airport,
3. On the edge or side of the highway,
4. to secure the area of ​​Animal Husbandry,
5. for Safeguarding Vital Object Zones,
6.And also for War Zone Security.

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