CV. Bangun Tujuh Cahaya

Floor Onduline

Onduline Roof is a corrugated roof product that is cost-efficient, versatile, absorbs heat and sound, is long-lasting, strong, flexible, light, water repellent, and environmentally friendly.

Onduline roof is a lightweight roofing material that has the same roof texture as Onduline. Made of cellulose fiber, bitumen and resin.

The composition of the onduvilla material is identical to that of the onduline roof which is made of high technology and meets European Norm EN 534 standards.

Therefore, the onduvilla roof is water resistant and protects from high temperature or extreme weather conditions

Length: 40 cm
Width: 106 cm
Thickness: 0.3 cm
Wave height: 4 cm
Weight 1.27 kg

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